Push for OpenStack

Broadcom completed the VMware acquisition in November. Read more here. Soon after, they announced a streamlined product portfolio and a move to subscription-based licensing. Read more here. The situation with partner programs and resellers seems turbulent at the moment, as the future appears very unclear.

Regarding alternative virtualization platforms, it looks like OpenStack is making a strong return to private data centers. For example, Rackspace supports this view: Read more here. OpenStack is a good choice for private cloud as it is a battle-tested, open-source virtualization platform, both in general computing and strict real-time environments in the telecom world. Kumorion Platforms has solid experience in architecting new deployments as well as supporting existing clouds in these areas.

After the Broadcom acquisition, open-source solutions moving away from VMware have started to emerge. Vexxhost, an OpenStack contributor, has announced MigrateKit to move virtual machines from VMware to OpenStack with near-zero downtime.

When moving to OpenStack, it is crucial to ensure you do not end up tying yourself to a particular OpenStack or underlying platform provider. This is why Kumorion Platforms builds OpenStack clouds using upstream deployment tools like OpenStack-Helm.

If you are interested in discussing how OpenStack, Kubernetes on top of OpenStack, or Kubernetes on top of bare metal can be deployed and maintained in your data center, contact us at platforms@kumorion.com.

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